Past, present and future

Take a little look at our more than 40 years of activity, while you can meet the members of our team and equipment.

Our history
1976 - El Campello Promenade

The place chosen to start the foundations of the Six Pearls had been an old net workshop of the village fishermen. The village already had its own light: the best party room in Europe, the Red Rooster, was located just 50 meters from the restaurant. And with this national and international clientele magnet, coupled with the wonderful characteristics of the municipality, the development of the restaurant was forged. The place was a success: first line of the beach with magnificent views a few meters from one of the best party rooms in Europe. A lot of work was ahead of us: to lay the gastronomic roots of the restaurant and gain the trust and loyalty of the clientele.

1977 - Inauguration

The journey of our restaurant begins in 1977. Based on a restaurant, “La Querencia”, which was based to date there, they set out to model the structure of the future Six Pearls. And in April the doors of the establishment were opened, starting from the existing building, since the current terrace was then an un built land. Our menu, from the beginning and to date, has taken as its main reference the traditional gastronomy of the fishing village of El Campello, without prejudice to combining it, with due respect, with the avant-garde and continuous advances of the cuisine.

1897 - First major reform

On our tenth anniversary we made an important investment to completely remodel the restaurant, both the indoor lounge and the terrace. We established a rustic style, predominantly wood, in the dining room, with special details that would accompany us for many years, such as the medieval armor that received our diners. On the terrace we install our own badge, beautiful palm trees that rise on the foundations of the restaurant. A new stage that was characterized by marking our image and offering better services to the clientele.

15/03/2013 - Reopening

After 2 months of profound renovations and improvements in the restaurant we open our doors loaded with many illusions and with the obligation to satisfy, personally and professionally, our customers. A new image that seeks to accommodate the gastronomic principles that have allowed the establishment to be a reference in the province, raw material and professional service, to the current needs of the hospitality sector. Start a new adventure in our history.

2017 - We celebrate our 40th anniversary

The occasion deserved a great celebration and we did not hesitate to have many of our customers and suppliers to enjoy a great evening. For this pointed occasion we make a video where you can contemplate the successive phases of renovation of the establishment, opinions of friends and customers, as well as the intervention of the founder and his current successor in office. Don’t miss it!

Watch vídeo
Our team
Take charge of the restaurant. Young, pretty and smart. He has been able to transmit to the establishment his virtues to continue being a gastronomic reference.


More than half a life dedicated to the hospitality industry. Youth and experience. A tireless worker who has a single premise: customer satisfaction.


He has been able to use his professional experience to combine it with the gastronomy of the Six Pearls. Tradition and avant-garde from the kitchen.


Our instalations
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